Help Everyone in Walthamstow Feel Warm this Winter! 

Here’s how you can help me spread some warmth in our community this winter to help tackle those who will struggle to pay their bills or be isolated- whether local residents, local children or local businesses. 

Each year I run a Christmas Card Competition whereby local children compete to design a card that I send to over 3,500 people including many high profile public figures as well as local residents. The full costs of producing the cards are normally generously sponsored by local businesses; with the extraordinary circumstances caused for so many in our community including businesses and local residents by the pandemic this year I am seeking your help to do something different. 

Walthamstow is a community in which nearly 5,000 households who will struggle this winter to pay for heating. It is also a community where many businesses are facing an uncertain future, having been forced to close or limit trading due to Covid19 and many children have spent time away from school andt their friends as they self- isolate. We want to spread some warmth around Walthamstow in several different ways- whether helping raise funding to help families struggling with damp and high fuel costs in their homes, encouraging the creative minds of our local young people or supporting residents to buy Christmas presents locally. 

That’s why this year I’m asking for your help with four actions which will spread #Warmth4Walthamstow: 

  1. Donate to HEET to support their work tackling fuel poverty in Walthamstow

  2. Encourage local children to take part in our competition to design a Snowman and win tea for them and their family in Parliament in 2021 

  3. Shop local to spread the warmth to local businesses hit by the pandemic

  4. Share details of our project to encourage residents to take the three actions above

You can find details below of the work HEET do below and how funds raised would be used as well as how children can take part in this competition and how local businesses can participate. This is a difficult time but together we can help spread some warmth in Walthamstow this winter. 


Donate: #Warmth4Walthamstow Supporting HEET to Help Local Residents

Waltham Forest has the third highest level of fuel poverty of all London boroughs, reflecting the significant number of older, less energy-efficient homes. If homes are cold, poorly insulated or over-occupied, then a range of problems can arise when residents try to dry clothes, cook or bathe. Condensation and damp can take hold, and mould can become a problem for people’s health and well-being. HEET is a local charity which is dedicated to helping residents with these problems. Through the modifications they make to doors, windows and roofs or providing draught proofing and fitting insultation they help residents save money on their fuel bills whilst staying warm and reducing their energy use which is good for the environment too. If you would like to know more about their work or would like to ask them for help please call 020 8520 1900 or visit https://www.theheetproject.org.uk/. You can donate to support the work HEET does by clicking here


Draw: #Warmth4Walthamstow Children’s Art Competition

Many children in Walthamstow have experienced a difficult year- separated from their school friends and unable to play outside. Some have been shielding with their clinically vulnerable parents or carers and even though schools have reopened, many still face time away from their friends as they have to self isolate. This competition is to give them something creative and imaginative to do during this time- any child who lives in the Walthamstow constituency who is aged under twelve years old by the 16th December 2020 is welcome to participate. Here are the details of how to enter: 

  1. Draw a snowman in Walthamstow and dress it up to keep warm

  2. Take a photo of your snowman and email it to: stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk or upload it to Instagram or twitter with the tag #Warmth4Walthamstow

  3. Copy @stellacreasy into the post 

This competition closes on Wednesday 16th December and the winner will be announced on Friday 18th December 2020 - the winner will get to bring their family to parliament for tea when it reopens after lockdown! 


Shop: Spreading the #Warmth4Walthamstow to Local Businesses

Many local businesses and traders have been struggling following the lockdown closure conditions. The #Warmth4Walthamstow campaign seeks to spread the warmth to them this Christmas by promoting their products and services. Its simple to participate and open to any business or trader based in the Walthamstow constituency. Here's how to participate: 

  1. Create a post on Instagram about your business and what you are selling this Christmas 

  2. Mention the HEET project and the children's Snowman competition along with #Warmth4Walthamstow in the post

  3. Tag @stellacreasy in it who will share it to her account which has almost 20,000 followers and include it in the highlight reel of local businesses 

Share: Help Us Spread the Word about #Warmth4Walthamstow 

Please share the details of this project in your local networks to encourage participation - you can do that by sharing the posts you see with the #Warmth4Walthamstow tag in or by sharing this webpage.